Troy School District Information came from the following persons:Glenna been, Wilma Wiseman, Nelson Wells, Creed Westfall,Roxie Williams Ellyson andWalter L Moore, Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools 1928-29Pictures from Wilma Wiseman The Bloody Run School was located west of Troy just off Route 47 on the left side of a little road called Road Run Road.Continue reading “BLOODY RUN SCHOOL”

History of the Picture Postcard:

Before, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there were postcards. We could send a picture of where we had traveled. We could send a picture of ourselves. It was a fun way to keep up with friends and relatives. In many ways it helped track our family history. They even made scrapbooks out of the postcards. IContinue reading “History of the Picture Postcard:”

Gilmer County WV Schools

Taken from: Name Bailey School Glenville Bear Run School Glenville Bell School Tanner Bird School Tanner Bloody Run School Auburn Buckhorn School Auburn Cather School Glenville Cherry Grove School Burnt House Chestnutlick School Normantown Conner School Gilmer Cooper School Burnt House Crooked Run School Tanner Cub School Normantown Dawson School Glenville De Kalb SchoolContinue reading “Gilmer County WV Schools”

WV State Folk Festival: June 15th-18th

We have members with crafts in both the annex and the Holt House. 10 AM Friday and Saturday Carol Wolfe will give basket demonstrations in the Holt House living room. Thursday and Friday, 7 PM, Dave Corcoran and ghost stories; all 3 days, 6:30 PM Lisa Minney will do author readings from her books… WeContinue reading “WV State Folk Festival: June 15th-18th”

To Learn from the Past

 “The dedication of a library is in itself an act of faith. To bring together the records of the past and to house them in buildings where they will be preserved for the use of men and women in the future, a Nation must believe in three things. It must believe in the past. ItContinue reading “To Learn from the Past”

Floods in Gilmer County WV

                                Floods, have had a huge impact on Gilmer County through the years. We have had several nasty ones in my lifetime. As a child, it was always a big deal to drive to Glenville to see the water coming up under the stoplight. Jon boats would be moving through the streets helping people out.Continue reading “Floods in Gilmer County WV”

March 23,2023

West Virginia Humanities Council If you’re going to be in Glenville on Thursday (March 23), you’ll have two opportunities to catch History Alive! performances. JoAnn Peterson will be taking on dual roles. At 1 p.m., she will appear as First Lady Abigail Adams at the Gilmer County WV Historical Society at 302 East Main StreetContinue reading “March 23,2023”