Floods in Gilmer County WV

                                Floods, have had a huge impact on Gilmer County through the years. We have had several nasty ones in my lifetime. As a child, it was always a big deal to drive to Glenville to see the water coming up under the stoplight. Jon boats would be moving through the streets helping people out. My Dad would have the three of us kids stand in the edge of the water, for a picture. The addition of the Burnsville Dam, completed in September of 1976, helped control some of the water. Brooklyn, in Glenville, seems to always be hit hard. Through it all, the good people, of our county came together to help one another. Our Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder has been with us all along, keeping us updated. The Recreation Center has been a spot to give food out and help our county. Glenville State was always there to lend a helping hand, giving folks a place to stay and place to eat. They, many times, have been a shelter in the storm.

                  25 Feet is Flood Stage in Glenville

Dates of Floods in Glenville, WVCrested at:
February 9, 199430.4
July 25,198929.5
November 198536.5
December 197829.8
December 196928.1
March 196734.5
February 195730.2
December 195629.2
February 195730.2
December 195629.2
February 195131.2
June 195031.1
August 194330.7
April 193933.2
February 193929.8
November 192633.6
March 191831.7

                  Our outlying communities have felt the pain of these floods. Countless people have lost homes. Lives have also been lost. Businesses have been devastated. Our people come through. They rebuild, push through and start life again, with the help of our friends and neighbors. When we work together, we are our best selves.

                  Tell us your stories. You are a part of our living history. We would love to hear the stories of your family. You can email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GilmerCoWVHistoricalSociety .

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