Book: The Civil War in Gilmer County WV regular price $5.00

This booklet was written by Rosemary Layman Gainer and republished with permission by the historical society in 2012. It is short but informative about the civil war activities within Gilmer county and includes several letters written home by civil war Soldiers. It details the home guard, bushwackers, religious and political influences in the area and the succession of the State from the State of Virginia. It also talks about how Glenville got its name (previously just called “the ford”). It details confederate and union sympathizers and their influence on the area and mentions other areas such as the battle of Bulltown and the burning of the oil wells at Burning Springs as well as other local engagements and notable people of the time such as Brigadier General Thomas Harris.

The normal price for this booklet is $5.00

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