Books: Cemetery Listings (prices vary)

Please note: each of these books are from a different area of Gilmer County and they are priced differently as well. To ensure you get the correct book we recommend you call the Historical Society first and speak to one of our volunteers to make sure you are getting the correct book. If you overpay by accident we will consider it a generous donation to the nonprofit operational funds of the Historical society.

These books were compiled by two local sisters (now deceased) using tax records to identify all the cemeteries within Gilmer County WV. Many of these cemeteries won’t be found in online references and they are small family cemeteries (as well as church and larger cemeteries) often located on private property. Before attempting to visit any cemeteries listed on private we recommend the following:

  1. Be familiar with access laws for visiting cemeteries located on private property and have a copy of those with you.
  2. Be respectful of the private property and leave no trace of your passage.
  3. Take the time to identify the current property owner and explain you are doing family research and would like to access the cemetery on their property. Most owners are very nice about this and will often point you in the right direction and in some cases drive you straight to the location which is time saving indeed! To identify the current property owner we recommend using an app such as “huntstand” locate the property you think the cemetery is on using the map and then using the menu functions you can see the current owners name and their contact information.
  4. Again leave no trace. please be respectful of the private property and the cemetery itself. Photos only!

Each book has an index listing the cemetery name, general location, and the known names of those interred in that cemetery. When stopping by the historical Society or calling to check which book you need for your particular research needs, it is best to have those family names handy so we can check the index pages to see if those names are listed.

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